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Forretningsadvokatene DA was established in 1990 by the merger of the two existing law firms to which the partners were connected, with their roots dating to 1974. The firm has always operated primarily within the business law field. Most of our clients are enterprises involved in finance, trade, IT, manufacturing industries, real estate, service provision, governmental institutions and trade and volunteer organisations. As of today we are 9 lawyers.

General remarks

Our basic concept is to offer our clients long-term, general legal advice and assistance in Norway as well as in their relations to international connections and possible adversaries.

Special areas of expertise

The firm has special expertise in certain areas. We briefly mention finance, in particular financial and other leasing arrangements, restructuring of businesses, insolvency law and assets retrieval, customs duty and import taxes, intellectual property rights, labour law, telecommunications, corporate law, contract law and contract negotiations and litigation.


Born 1951. Law degree 1981. Worked as an associate attorney with emphasis on debts negotiations, bankruptcy estates and contract law before becoming partner in 1986. Special expertise and experience in business restructuring and consulting in IT and other enterprises, corporate law, debts negotiations, contract law, damages, labour law and the formation of chains and other co-operation in commodity trades.


  Harald Krohn  

Born 1961. Law degree 1988. Courses in business administration at The Norwegian School of Business. Experience from Home-owner's confederation and several years at a major bankruptcy and insolvency firm (Rime, Ro & Sommernes). Became partner 1993. Works in particular with contract law, real estate, including real estate brokerage, insolvency and bankruptcy law.


  Lars Barth  

Born 1976. Master of Law 2003.
Previously experience from several other law-firms in Oslo.

Obtained a masters degree in EU- and German law at the Albert Ludvigs Universität Freiburg in Germany. Bilingual background (German/Norwegian) and speaks German fluently. Work experience from the Norwegian-German Chamber of Commerce.

Joined Forretningsadvokatene DA in the fall of 2003. Partner since february 2006. He assists both small and medium sized, Norwegian and foreign companies within most fields. His main expertise is EU/EEA-law (European Union and European Economic Area), German law, contract law, property, debt collection, commerce and legal procedure.


  Sindre Rising  

Born 1979. Law Degree 2005. Previous experience from several other law-firms in Oslo. Joined Forretningsadvokatene DA in the fall of 2007.

Jespersen assists both small and medium sized companies within most fields, and regularly litigates cases before the courts. His main expertise is contract law, damages, labour law, commerce and legal procedure. He also has experience from real estate matters.


  MAx Hendrik Jespersen  

Born 1978. Cand.jur 2006.

Rechtsanwalt Patrick Lundevall-Unger joined the law firm in October 2009.

Due to his German and Norwegian dual citizenship and his bilingual upbringing he speaks and writes both languages fluently.

In autumn 2009 he obtained a master degree in “Information and Communication Technology Law” at the University of Oslo in Norway with an emphasis in European distance communication trade and data protection law.

Before Lundevall-Unger moved to Oslo, Norway in 2008 he worked in  a law firm close to Hamburg in Germany.

Furthermore Lundevall-Unger gained work experience in the public law sector as well. During his German legal clerkship he inter alia acted as a representative of the Public Prosecuter’s Office.

Lundevall-Unger especially deals and works with competition law, inter alia with the composition of contractual relationships, EU-law, German law, copyright and data protection law followed by German-Norwegian disputes in the competition and trade sector.


  Patrick Lundevall-Unger  

Born 1985. Law degree 2010.

Previous experience from another law-firm in Norway, and as a trainee at the judiciary. Joined Forretningsadvokatene DA in the winter of 2012.

Johnsen assists companies within most fields. Her main expertise is law of damages, bankruptcy law, contract law, law of sales, and law of the Sami.


  Silje Johnsen  

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